Dave Nelson is a local chef and teacher with a wide range of knowledge and skills. Chef Dave is an Industry lifer with a solid foundation of experience from over thirty years in hotel and restaurant kitchens across America. 

For over 10 years, Chef Dave has introduced intensity, drive and a culture of fun to professional kitchen classrooms and now he is making that experience accessible to home cooks and food fans!

Chef Dave has an absolute passion for sharing the simple “nuts and bolts” of the kitchen with the world. In his free time, Chef Dave loves to create and dine on simple, honest dishes that reflect the cultures, cuisines and ingredients of Sacramento,CA. One of the world’s great culinary destinations.  



Raise your hand if you already know how to follow a recipe!

Chef Dave Nelson started “Industry” in response to a disconnect between cooking on TV  “reality” shows and how pros cooks crank it out every day in kitchens across America. Industry courses present honest, nuts and bolts cooking skills designed to fundamentally change how you eat, cook and look at food! 

While the Industry Basics series is recommended as an orientation to the kitchen,  Industry courses are designed to stand alone so you can tailor your experience according to your interests and lifestyle. You may even want to take certain classes more than once for a new perspective as the seasons change. 


Learn: Approach food as a chef does.

Evolve: Cook beyond mere recipes.

Value: Most classes under $50. Many priced at $30.

Short: 2 Hour lecture-demo classes.

Easy: Kick back and enjoy the show!

Simple: Industry gives you the tools (and a little attitude) to cook with confidence!


Happy Campers

"Chef Dave is a great instructor who was able to explain things in a way that everyone was able to understand."

"Chef Dave is a good example of the kind of chefs you will really work for in the industry."

“You should know your class changed my life, I apply what I learned every day at my job. Thank You Chef!"

"Outstanding instructor, chef and mentor! He reinforces the basics and brings them all together as one. Truly a pleasure to have an Instructor like him in Sacramento."

"Chef Dave is an excellent instructor, I left this class completely confident in my comprehension of the material and ready to move on with these skills."

"I have 20+ years in the restaurant industry (mainly in FOH) and I am a home cook. Chef Dave teaches you  techniques and tools to bring your recipe-based cooking into professional cooking. By the end of the class, there is no need to use a recipe book again."

"Chef Dave is awesome! Nothing more to say."