Q: Is Industry a Restaurant?

A: No. Industry is very much about teaching you a new way to look at food. We will taste preparations for evaluation and discussion. During classes with a lighter menu, a tasty snack will be provided to keep you charged and focused. A cold drink will also be provided.

Q: Is this a hands-on class?

A: No. Industry is about real learning and our discussion/demonstration model allows industry to:
• Engage in deeper understanding of cooking technique and food
• Promote discussion/questions
• Keep class costs low

Q: Are Recipes Provided?

A:industry is about breaking the recipe paradigm! We'll provide very simple versions of recipe standards- then we'll look at the techniques behind those recipes. Once you know a technique, you can use it for endless variation. We may discuss a recipe as a starting point but the industry focus will always be on no-nonsense technique behind that recipe.