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Kitchen Skills for Life

welcome to industry

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The nuts and bolts of the kitchen!

If you love food, then welcome to Industry – a collection of live kitchen shows designed to introduce you to how restaurant-industry professionals look at food. 

Raise your hand if you already know how to follow a recipe!

Chef Dave Nelson started “Industry” in response to what he saw as the disconnect between recipe-based cookbooks or shows, and how chefs are trained to look at recipes as a series of techniques that come together onto a finished plate. 

Cooking Isn’t Rocket Science

While cooking is a broad subject, you will see that the techniques behind a recipe are common-sense and simple to understand. Every industry course is jam-packed with cool kitchen wisdom that you can use every day! 

Industry is Simply Different

No cuts, burns or special shoes! Just enjoy the show! Take one class and you’ll see the difference. Take ake a series and you’l start to see cooking in a whole new way …Industry offers short, fun and informative courses that fit into your life!  

Cooking Classes for the Masses have never been more relevant

In a culture that has lost its connection with real food – the simple empowerment of being able to feed yourself can be life-changing. 

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Watch for these upcoming shows At the Sacramento Natural Foods Coop!

February 18, 2019 6-8:30PM

By Popular Demand!


Clarifying the stock vs. broth question-Chefs stress the importance of Stocks and Broths as the foundation of good cooking!-We will look at …

March 11, 2019 6-8:30PM

Main Dishes: #1 Simply Sauté…

Sauté is a quick preparation technique that works great in any kitchen. In this course, we will combine the technique of searing with …  

March 18, 2019 6-8:30PM

Main Dishes #2 Great Grilling & Poaching! 

We’ll cover two quick and healthy cooking techniques in this course. You’ll also see how to ….

March 25, 2019 6-8:30PM

Main Dishes #3 Roasting for Reals!

What is more comforting than a Sunday Roast during the Winter months? Along with tips for making the perfect roast, we’ll cover

You should know your class changed my life, I apply what I learned every day
— Happy Camper